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Current 6th & 7th Grade school and

CCD students must attend.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

4:30 - 5:30 pm in the school cafeteria.




19 - CCD & Confirmation Meeting

25 - First Penance Practice 4:30 - 5:30 pm

26 - CCD & First Penance Practice 4:30-5:30pm

27 - First Penance - 7:00 pm


2 - CCD

9 - CCD

16 - CCD & First Communion Parent Meeting 7 pm in church

23 - CCD







CCD Assignments for Wednesday, January 5, 2022

All assignments must be handed in on Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

Students will be marked absent if assignments are not handed in.


Grade 1

Read and complete activities and chapter review on pages 121-127.  Also, after understanding the chapter, decorate and color the worksheet that will be collected next week.

Here's the hyperlink for the worksheet:


Grade 2

Read Chapter 9 pages 111-117.  Complete pages 111, 115, 117.  Study for the prayer test next week. 

Test is on the Our Father, Hail Mary and Act of Contrition prayers.


Grade 3

As we discussed in class, the most important part of Christmas is celebrating Jesus Birthday. All through the Advent season we hear a ton of songs on the radio.  Please make two list for me (this will be collected) :

1- List 3 Christmas songs about Advent and Christmas telling a story about Jesus and his family.

example: Silent Night ( do not use example)

2- List 3 Christmas Songs that are not related to Jesus 

example: Frosty the Snowman (do not use example)

I realize Christmas songs are no longer on the radio but you can search them up on the computer with your parents.

Chapter assignment:

Please read Chapter 11, pages 132-134

Complete Activity on page 135 1 & 2 (this will be reviewed in class)

Helpful hint to get you started for activity 1

1 Down is = Tolton

5 Across is = Missionary

Page 137 Chapter 11 review (this will be collected)

Complete Sections A & B


Grade 4

Read chapter 10 and complete the chapter review on page 127.  On page 124, complete Activity 1 and write 2 to 3 sentences on how the gift you have chosen helps them follow Jesus.  On page 125, answer the question on the bottom in 2 to 3 sentences as to what gift or talent they would share at a nursing home.  


Grades 5&6

Start by watching this video

You can complete the rest of the assignment in any order.  Print the three attachments below and complete.

Please complete the Bible entry in your journals following the template that you have been using.

Link for bible entry-


Grades 7&8

Please read and answer the questions on page 130

Chapter 8 review pages to complete 133 -134

Chapter 9: read pages 147 to 149 and answer the questions; read page 150 and complete page 151


Written Reflection: Please use the online bible or if you have one at home to write a summary and reflection of the Gospel from January 2. 

Matthew 2:1-12

paragraph 1: summary of passage

paragraph 2: reflection - What is the message for us to learn from this reading? 

paragraph 3: What gifts has Jesus given you and what gifts do you give to Jesus?  

This assignment can be written on loose-leaf or typed. 


*Please bring completed assignments to class on January 12th. 


Click on this link for the New American Bible:


















Welcome to St. Stan's 



Mrs. Kathy Krolick
Director of Religious Education


CCD class is held on WEDNESDAY from 4:30-5:45.


Saint Stanislaus Kostka Church
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