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Perpetual Care

Out of respect for the deceased, the following guidelines/regulations have been formulated for the St. Stanislaus Kostka Cemetery, a perpetual care cemetery:

  1. No motorized recreational vehicles shall be permitted on the cemetery.
  2. No walking or running of pets shall be permitted on the cemetery premises.
  3. No trees or shrubs shall be permitted on any plots.
  4. Only annual flowers are permitted on individual plots. Plantings shall be limited to areas no more than 15 inches from the front and back of the monument and no wider than the width of the headstone from side ot side.
  5. No artificial plants, flowers or balloons are permitted.
  6. Outlining of graves or memorials by stripping a border of sod around the grave or outlining the grave with metal frames, stone or crushed stone is not permitted.
  7. Articles such as shells, stone chips, mulch, glass receptacles, stryrofoam, jars, bottles, etc., are not permitted on graves and will be removed for safety and maintenance reasons.
  8. The cemetery personnel, with the authorization of the Pastor, may remove any and all plants, shrubs, or other decorations, which do not adhere to the above policy.
  9. For insurance liability purposes visitors are not permitted to bring mowers or power equipment of any kind onto the cemetery grounds.
  10. Only cemetery personnel shall perform cemetery maintenance.
  11. Seeding of new interments shall be done as soon as ground and weather conditions permit. Seeding is done during the spring and fall seasons.
  12. After burial, only three (3) floral arrangements may remain on the grave for a period of one week.
  13. Unattended sprinklers will be turned off.
  14. Visitors will please use the dumpsters provided for all disarded items.
  15. A permit from the parish office must be obtained prior to any work performed by an outside contractor.
  16. All communications and requests pertaining to the cemetery must be submitted to the Parish Office in writing. No direct communications or requests to the cartaker will be accepted.
  17. Specifications for grave markers, monuments and headstones are available at the Parish Office.

Saint Stanislaus Kostka Church
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